About AuthorCafé

With over 25+ years of experience in the area of research publication, TNQ was able to identify the core areas where the research community was most affected. 

AuthorCafé  began the journey to creating a platform that was designed to act as a virtual assistant to researchers, managing and automating their tasks around research writing, allowing them to remain focused on the value-added activities. As this idea developed, like clockwork, other wheels started to turn and the idea grew to further provide aid to Institutions and Publishers.

AuthorCafé benefits from the rich domain and technology experience gained from its parent company TNQ, through serving publishers from all around the world. It aims to provide a one-stop solution from writing to publishing. Our mission is to solve the problems of researchers, academic institutions, and scientific publishers, by leveraging modern technology and design principles

The Team

Over the span of a year, the team that started with 6 people has grown into a 11 member team. This group comes from various parts of India, bringing in a variety of talents and interests! With the mission to solve problems focused on scholarly communication, the team listens and learns from researchers and institutions, and works collaboratively and enthusiastically towards a better today for research! 


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