Amity University Gurugram & AuthorCafé: Championing scholarly communications

AuthorCafé in collaboration with Amity University Gurugram hosted a 3-day webinar series titled  ‘Championing scholarly communications – How can you communicate your research effectively?’ 


The series included speakers Prof. Dr Kumar Sinha, Deputy Director & HOD Amity Medical School, Dr Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam, Editor & Peer Reviewer Enago, Geetha Venkatramani, Sr Manager Language Editing TNQ Technologies, Neelanjan Sinha, Product Manager AuthorCafé, Dr Mrigya Babuta, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School and Dr Shanthi Krishnamurthy, President AuthorCafé


In the first session, we were introduced to ‘Understanding the current challenges in communicating research.’ Prof. Dr Kumar Sinha talked about what is ethical, how to communicate, what to communicate, and when to communicate. Dr Shanthi Krishnamurthy then introduced TNQ and AuthorCafé to the participants. The session ended with speaker Dr Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam, tackling how to prepare and submit a manuscript, and publication ethics to follow.

The second session addressed the topic ‘Using digital tools to champion scholarly communications – examples and use cases’. Geetha Venkatramani spoke about the requirements of editing a manuscript and how authors can meet a publisher’s expectations with a few tips and tricks. Our second guest, Neelanjan Sinha, spoke about how AuthorCafé and how it helps researchers overcome challenges like formatting a report to meet guidelines, ensuring the language is error free, and communicating well with their guide.

The last session addressed the topic ‘Planning, writing, and communicating research effectively – an early career researcher’s perspective.’ Dr Mrigya Babuta, detailed planning research, organising  data, writing a manuscript, and disseminating published research. 

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