New Partnership Announcement: GITAM & AuthorCafé

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) and AuthorCafé have partnered to further their vision of enhancing the effectiveness of GITAM’s PhD programme through a focus on greater transparency, accountability, and research ethics. This partnership will enable the research administrators to manage the complete PhD lifecycle of their scholars through the AuthorCafé PhD suite—starting from a scholar’s enrolment to their thesis defence and making the thesis available in the institutional repository.

As an emerging top-ranking institution, GITAM, with campuses in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, awards 150+ PhD degrees annually across 40+ departments, and this number (former) is anticipated to keep rising.

GITAM’s PhD research program entails rigorous coursework and research work, which are assessed with diligence on a regular basis. The assessment is equally an administrative task as it is an academic/research task. In other words, the PhD lifecycle for a scholar requires constant governing, for which the administration is as responsible as the supervisors and scholars.

“AuthorCafé will help institutions realise the challenges involved with individuals in PhD programmes at an early stage.”
Prof Raja P Pappu
Director, Research & Consultancy

Moving cumbersome administrative tasks online benefits not only the research administrators but also the scholars, their supervisors, the department chairs, and the institution’s heads.
Apart from this administrative support, the AuthorCafé PhD suite provides a collaborative writing platform to the scholars at GITAM. 

“AuthorCafé will allow the institutions to display open and healthy interactions among PIs (principal investigators) and the scholars.” Prof Raja P Pappu

As AuthorCafé is pro-open-science, the institution benefits from the electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) repository module of the AuthorCafé suite, which allows showcasing the institution’s PhD research output.

GITAM stands strong on the pillars of value-based education and collaboration on various fronts—academic, industrial, research, and professional. We are so pleased to be supporting GITAM as they advance on their mission to impart futuristic and comprehensive education of global standards.

“AuthorCafé will induce the research scholars to adopt the best research practices.” Prof Raja P Pappu

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