Digitalisation of research workflow​

One platform to monitor, track, control and report all research projects.

Streamlined workflow for research output

Gain greater administrative control over your institution’s research activity. Set up workflows to simplify the assessment process and reduce manual efforts.

Centralised dashboard

AuthorCafé’s centralised dashboard lets you track the ongoing progress of a project. This helps you monitor status, and improve communication across faculty and students.

Roles and permissions for control

As the ‘Administrator’, you can provide role-based access to faculty and students.

Other Features

Import and manage references
Gather and manage your references alongside the content you are writing.
Cite while you write
Tired of forgetting in-text citations? Worry no more! Add citations to the text, while you write.
Import and manage assets
In addition to your references, import and organise all your documents and media files in one place.
Institution specific output template
Based on your institution’s branding requirements, AuthorCafé will design a custom template for your content.
Create presentation friendly files
Convert your completed project into a presentation for external stakeholders.
Institutional repository
Customised to your institution’s guidelines and design, your online repository is a curated presentation of the organisation’s collective research output.


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