Upskilling PhD students on research writing with GLA University

GLA University partnered with AuthorCafé to conduct a webinar on the ‘Principles of research writing and scholarly communications’. The webinar was hosted on 29th July 2020, with over 330 registrations. 

Subject matter experts Geetha Venkatramani, Senior Manager, Language Editing, TNQ, and Dr Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam, Editor/Peer Reviewer, Enago Life Sciences shared insights on manuscript editing, publishers’ expectations, and digital tools that support academic writing and publishing.

In his introduction, Prof Dr Anirudh Pradhan, Dean R&D, GLA University, stated that AuthorCafé’s commitment to “helping Indian researchers and benefiting institutions in terms of credibility and visibility of their research in current times” resonated with his team. Given their focus on research quality, he said he finds AuthorCafé to be the best organisation for them to work with.

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