Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you absolutely can! If you have started writing your content on a docx file and would like to continue writing on AuthorCafé, all you need to do is login/sign up, open a blank document and drag and drop your file onto the editor and then continue writing your paper.

You can drag and drop files into AuthorCafé, where they are automatically saved for easy access at any point.

You most definitely can. An integral part of the research writing process is the communication and collaboration between the primary author, guides, and secondary authors.

You can add multiple co-authors to one paper and all communication can be carried out as a separate chat, or as a group chat. You can also highlight a few lines in your content and raise a comment there to discuss it further with your collaborators.

AuthorCafé supports a range of file formats such as txt, docx, xlsx, tex, bib, eml, xml, jpg, png, bmp, pdf.

There is no limit to how many times you can export your paper.

Yes, it is free for researchers! Simply sign up and start writing. You can write your paper, choose from pre-set templates, add collaborators, chat, manage references and citations, import files, add dynamic files, sort and save multiple assets, and export in multiple formats. All for free.

The pricing depends on the level of requirements. For more information, please email us- contact@authorcafe.com.

Yes, all pre-defined templates are free and ready for use. Just select the template you want, and your paper will generate in your chosen style.

It is our assurance that your manuscript will not be rejected because of language errors. If it does happen, we will re-edit the manuscript at no additional cost.

The editors are selected based on a strict review process. Only experienced editors, from native English-speaking countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, with expertise in working with international publications are selected.

We offer copyediting and substantive editing services. Depending on the completed paper provided to us, we will respond to you on the suggested level of editing required. View our services.

Click on the ‘Get Quote’ button, fill out the form and we will get in touch with you quickly.

AuthorCafe provides end to end data protection. I.e., from your browser to our server, all the data processed is fully encrypted. Further, the data is stored in our servers in an encrypted form as well. Your content is secure, and only you can access it.

Your data can be accessed only be you and by those to whom you give access. The access you provide can be revoked by you at any time.

No, AuthorCafé will not use your data for any purpose.

We use Amazon Web Services, and therefore, by default, all your data will be stored with AWS India.


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