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Digitalise. Track. Comply.

Customised workflows and automated reporting

Digital repository for your institutional research content

Standardise the format of your institution's research output

Track research activity with content-centric workflow

AuthorCafé records and tracks all of your institution’s research activity. You can see real-time data of the progress of research, and identify bottlenecks early-on to increase productivity.
AuthorCafé helps enhance your institution's research output


AuthorCafé enhances the quality of your work

Ensure your institution's research output is free of language errors, and is submission-ready.
Language editing
Increase your journal acceptance rate by ensuring your institution’s research output is free of language errors
Illustration and animation
Give your researchers an advantage over others through professional illustration and animation services
Journal Selection
Increase the acceptance rate of your research output by ensuring it is submitted to the most suitable journals

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we will set up a customised workflow and template after analysing your institution’s requirements and guidelines. We will work in close partnership with you to find the best ways to automate and simplify your current workflow.

Keeping your content secure is our number one priority. We have taken several measures such as end-to-end data encryption, encrypted data storage, data residency, and data isolation, to ensure that your content is safe and accessible to only those who you have assigned and given permission to. AuthorCafé has a strong firewall protection and is regularly tested for vulnerabilities.

Once AuthorCafé has set up a workflow specific to your institution’s requirements, ‘Administrator’ access will be provided to the institution’s specified individuals. They can then access the comprehensive  dashboard that tracks the status and progress of all projects, and who is currently working on them.

Yes, it can. We can design the workflow to feed the final content to your already existing digital repository. If your institution does not have a digital repository, we can upload all your archived files to the newly built digital repository.

Our pricing is tiered, based on your institution’s requirements. Send us an email and we will get on a call with you for details –


AuthorCafé Pro is designed for academic institutions.