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The team behind AuthorCafé has been working in the STEM publishing domain for over 20 years. Our language editors ensure your paper is error-free and submission-ready.

Standard language editing services - copyediting

Premium language editing services - substantive editing

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Journal Selection
Find the best journals for your research. We will analyse your paper and help you select the best journal, to increase your chances of acceptance.
Illustrations and animation
Our in-house artists have been working in science for 2 decades - all they need is a sketch and an idea.

Frequently asked questions

A major factor leading to the rejection of manuscripts is due to language errors. Therefore submitting your manuscript to a professional editing service can make all the difference between acceptance and rejection into a journal,as it ensures your manuscript is free of language errors.

High level security measures are implemented to ensure confidentiality of your documents. All of our experts sign a non-disclosure agreement before being provided with any of your documents.

The acceptance of your manuscript is not guaranteed as it is an autonomous decision made by the journal publisher based on multiple factors. However, we strive to ensure that your manuscript is not rejected on the basis of language.

The price of the service is decided based on the level of editing, number of words in the manuscript and other factors such as turn over time are evaluated and an estimate is provided to you.

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