New Partnership Announcement: Ashoka University & AuthorCafé

Ashoka University, ranked among the top 30 in India (and top 250 in Asia), has partnered with AuthorCafé. With their continuous endeavour to provide world-class education, training, and research infrastructure, Ashoka has adopted the AuthorCafé PhD suite to help transform their PhD lifecycle management—right from a scholar’s enrolment to the thesis defence. Enabling the alignment of all stakeholders involved in the process—administrators, university heads, department heads, supervisors, and scholars—AuthorCafé will support Ashoka in preempting the challenges of scaling up their PhD programme in the future: from the current 100 to 400–500.

The partnership between Ashoka and AuthorCafé means complete digitalization of Ashoka’s PhD workflow management, which is a boon for the administrators as it eliminates manual paperwork.

“Our goal is to make the Ashoka PhD programme as efficient as possible. The idea is to give more clarity to all the stakeholders, reduce the time spent on admin work, and allow our scholars and faculty to focus on their academic and research missions.”
Dr Anirban Chakraborty
Assistant Vice President, Research & Academic Development
Ashoka University

Ashoka’s PhD programme—spanning multiple disciplines ranging from biology to history—places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research aided by partnerships and collaborations. Considering Ashoka’s progressive vision focusing on creating opportunities for their scholars, writing research proposals, progress reports, papers, and theses becomes a crucial part of a scholar’s journey. This is where the AuthorCafé PhD suite will support PhD scholars with their research writing needs through a browser-based writing and co-writing platform.

Overall, the university will also benefit from the electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) repository module of the AuthorCafé PhD suite, which will enable the cataloguing of the scholars’ PhD theses and showcasing of the research output to the community.

Ashoka is committed to solving real-world complex research problems with societal impact through technological pursuits and collaborations, and we are excited to be supporting them in this mission!

“By centralising all the processes and practices through AuthorCafé, we are managing the entire PhD programme lifecycle—from enrolment to formal candidacy, reviews and evaluations, all the way to the final degree award with real-time outcome tracking and maintaining compliance at each stage.”
Dr Anirban Chakraborty

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