Research Communication: digital tools, services, and best practices

Indrashil University in collaboration with AuthorCafè hosted a webinar for all its researchers and faculty members with the aim to provide an in-depth understanding of the digital tools and services available for researchers to effectively communicate their research. The speakers included Dr Rajesh Bhosale from Indrashil University, Dr Krishnakumar Venkitachalam from Enago, and Dr Shanthi Krishnamoorthy and Neelanjan Sinha from AuthorCafè. 

Dr Rajesh Bhosale (HoD, Chemistry, School of Sciences) introduced the topic to the participants and emphasised the need for digital tools and services in research writing and communication. He said he was looking forward to the researchers and faculty of members of Indrashil University benefitting from this workshop, and a continued relationship with AuthorCafè. 

Dr Krishnakumar Venkitachalam (Editor & Peer Reviewer, Enago) talked about academic publishing, key challenges faced by researchers during the process, and how to tackle them. He also talked about the services offered by Enago to researchers to create submission-ready manuscripts and reduce rejection rates. Enago’s author services are offered to Indian Researchers exclusively through AuthorCafè at discounted prices. 

Dr Shanthi Krishnamoorthy (President, AuthorCafè) then introduced TNQ, AuthorCafe’s parent company, and its 20 years of experience in scientific publishing. Neelanjan Sinha (Product Head) then went on to demonstrate how AuthorCafè, a cloud-based research writing tool, can help researchers write research papers, manage their research-related assets and references, and create submission-ready manuscripts. AuthorCafè is free for researchers to use.

Dr Eppa Gyanchander (Assistant Professor, School of Sciences) coordinated the efforts to organise this webinar. If you would like a similar event at your institution, write to us:


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