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Save time and effort
With pre-set templates and auto formatting, spend more time focused on your research
Transparent collaboration
Write simultaneously with your co-authors and track changes in real-time

Data security
Have complete control over who can access, view, or edit your content


All features of AuthorCafé help enhance your research output

Writing and formatting research has never
been easier

Manage references from multiple sources in one place

Upload and access all files anytime, anywhere!

Make your paper visually stunning with interactive elements

Organise now, write whenever

On AuthorCafé, you can start adding your references and files as you plan your research. Have everything ready in one place when you start writing. Just search, select, preview, and push to your paper.
AuthorCafé enhances your research writing experience


Connect us to your institution to unlock PRO features

AuthorCafé can help your institution make your research more discoverable.


AuthorCafé enhances the quality of your work

Language editing
Our team of editors ensures your paper is free of language errors, keeping the science, facts, and context intact.
Illustration and animation
Our in-house artists have been working in science for 2 decades - all they need is a sketch and an idea
Journal selection
We can help find the best journals for maximum reach of your research

Frequently asked questions

AuthorCafé is a secure platform specifically designed and built to support your academic writing. The platform’s tools and features provide the ability to use predefined templates, manage your references, add complex equations and interactive elements, store research data securely, and export files in formats like xml, html, docx, pdf, etc.

We take data security and privacy very seriously. We provide double layer encryption, which includes end-to-end data encryption and encrypted data storage, to ensure that your content is safe and accessible to only those who you have assigned access and given permission to. AuthorCafé has a strong firewall protection and is regularly tested for vulnerabilities.

Yes! You can upload your existing content that you are in the process of writing and/or have completed writing. AuthorCafé allows you to import your existing doc. and docx. files, and pick up right where you left off. 

Yes, it is free to use for researchers. Simply sign up and start writing. Invite your co-authors, PhD guides, and peers to collaborate. 


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