Webinar with Annamalai University on tools and services for publishing research

Annamalai University partnered with AuthorCafé to host a webinar for over 1,100 students on ‘Tools & Services to Facilitate Publishing of Research Content’. 

Professor Nirmala P. Ratchagar, Dean of Faculty of Science at Annamalai University, kicked-off the webinar by introducing the many challenges researchers face, from writing to the “pressure to publish their papers in good peer-reviewed journals.” She stated that “this webinar will help all young researchers understand those challenges better and learn how to tackle them”. Dr M. Sadik Batcha, Professor and University Librarian, then explained the importance of knowing the metrics associated with research publications and journals.

The sessions covered both the tools and the best practices associated with research writing, referencing, and manuscript submission.

The first session shed light on how to make the most of the tools AuthorCafé and Mendeley. Neelanjan Sinha, AuthorCafé’s product head, introduced the participants to the tool and its features. He was followed by a team of 4 from Mendeley – Dr Sangeeth Cecil and Dr Adrian H. Raudaschl, Senior Product Managers, and Rachel Brennesholtz and Matt Stratford, Research Community Managers.

The second session had two experts – Mr Manoj Kumar from Shodhganga, INFLIBNET, and Dr Krishna Kumar, Editor/Peer Reviewer, Enago Life Sciences, who elucidated the best practices and policies on plagiarism, and the challenges of manuscript submission and tips to overcome them.

If you would like a similar event conducted at your institution, send us a note: contact@authorcafe.com


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