Webinar with KIIT on digital tools and best practices for scholarly communication

The School of Applied Sciences at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) and AuthorCafé jointly hosted a webinar on ‘Digital tools, services & best practices for effective scholarly communication’.

During the webinar, Dr Shri Ram Pandey, Assistant Professor at Department of Library and Information Science, Banaras Hindu University, explained how to best manage references effectively with Mendeley. Dr Krishna Kumar, Editor/Peer Reviewer, Enago Life Sciences shared his insights on the challenges of manuscript acceptance, and tips to approach the process. 

Neelanjan Sinha, AuthorCafé’s product head, talked about how the features and pre-submission services offered by AuthorCafé can help in the manuscript writing and submission processes.

Dr Ch. Vinod, Assistant Professor, School of Applied Science, KIIT, stated that this was “one of the most important events [they] had conducted in the past few months”. He was confident that AuthorCafé will help cultivate “a good number of healthy collaborations in the future”.

If you would like a similar event conducted at your institution, send us a note: contact@authorcafe.com


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